Association of English Teacher Educators; As a non-governmental organization of English Language Teacher Educators;
The ultimate aim of AELTE (INOED) is to
1) gather EFL Educators together, ensuring their communication, professional solidarity, unity and solidarity; To cooperate with relevant institutions and organizations in this regard,
2) help English Language Teacher Educators develop scientifically, professionally, culturally and socially,
3) promote and develop the place of English Language Teacher Educators in foreign language education in our country and carry out scientific studies in order to use them for the benefit of society and support the studies in this field,
4) determine the needs in the field of national and international English Teacher Education and work towards meeting these needs,
5) work on increasing the quality of the English Language Teacher Educators profession in our country, develop it according to the innovations in the world, adapt the innovations to our country and improve the existing educational environments and tools,
6) offer suggestions for the solution of the problems experienced in the field of English Teacher Education in our country and support the relevant institutions and organizations in this regard, and
7) observe and protect the rights of those working in the field of English Teacher Education and offer solutions to their problems.
AELTE (INOED) was established in order to inform the relevant units about those who act against the ethical rules by observing the rules and principles of the English Teacher Education profession.

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